Enough Of ‘Third Term’ Talk

Enough Of ‘Third Term’ Talk

What began like a beer parlour talk has suddenly gained traction in the last couple of weeks. It was the rumoured ‘third term’ bid of President Muhammadu Buhari. The presidency came out in a strongly worded statement, denying the rumour.

Even Human Rights Lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Femi Falana, joined the fray when he  alleged that President Buhari has been clamping down on the media to prepare the grounds for the launch of his ‘third term’ campaign.

Falana said: “Our country has gone to the dogs, and the media must help. That is why the war is against the media because, for the 2023 race, the media must be silenced.”

“You may have a third term campaign very soon. Very soon, they are going to destroy all possible opponents and they have started. So, by the time they bring in the third term agenda, the media would have been gone but we are not going to allow it,” he added.

However, during the national executive commitee meeting of the All Progressive Congress (APC) last Friday, the President publicly ruled out the possibility of running for a ‘third term’.

According to him, “I’m not going to make the mistake of attempting a third term. Besides the age, the constitution makes provision for only two terms. I try as much as I can to always be loyal and obedient to the constitution so long as it is humanly possible.”

Regrettably, after making the clarification and putting the matter to rest, a busybody by the name Charles Enya, who is a member of APC in Ebonyi State, filed a suit seeking the amendment of the 1999 Constitution to allow President Buhari and state governors seek a third term in office.

He said the two-term limit for the President and governors was limiting and discriminatory, whatever that means.

Enya, who served as organising secretary to Buhari Campaign during the 2019 general elections, filed the suit with reference number FHC/AI/CS/90/19, before a Federal High Court in Abakiliki, the state capital.

He asked Abubakar Malami, Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, as well as the National Assembly to remove constitutional clauses hindering elected presidents and state governors from seeking a third term in office.

While reading the report, I was shocked that someone can take sycophancy to this ridiculous height. Anyone urging and pushing the president to run for a third term is an enemy of the president and he should run away and turn deaf ears to such calls. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has still not recovered from his ‘third term’ bid misadventure even though he denies that he ever wanted a third term even though we all know better.

After this clown Enya going to court, other sycophantic groups will start springing up and asking the president to run for a third term with  deceitful songs like ‘only him can take Nigeria to the promised land’.

I believe the President when he said he will respect the constitution and do only two terms as allowed, so these clowns should respect the president’s wish and allow to him to face governance.

Sadly, the President has not even spent six months in his second tenure and clowns have started talking about a ‘third term’ for the president.The challenges facing the country are real and solutions are needed like yesterday.

With 94 million poor people, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, 20 million Nigerians have lost their jobs in the last five years according to the National Bureau of Statistics and insecurity is at an all time high. Traveling by road to any state in Nigeria is a suicide mission.

It is gratifying to note that President Buhari has pledged to lay the foundation of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in the next 10 years. China and India have done it, so there is nothing stopping us from achieving that same feat.

No matter how we try to cover it, security is still a major issue in the country. Boko Haram is still wreaking havoc in the North-east while bandits are still killing and kidnapping in the North-west, traveling from Abuja to Kaduna by road is like signing one’s death warrant. Someone told me recently that he saw a former governor inside the Abuja – Kaduna train. It means the ex-governor doesn’t even trust his security details to protect him from kidnappers on the notorious Abuja-Kaduna highway.

Instructively, economy and security are major challenges that need to be attended to and all those clowns calling for a ‘third term’ for the president should be supporting his drive to change the narrative of the country.

President Buhari is a man of his word and the ‘Third Term’ gang should respect his words. Enough of this ‘Third Term’ talk.


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