Convoy Drivers And the Dangers Of Road Mishap

Convoy Drivers And the Dangers Of Road Mishap

Some days ago, it was reported that a motorcycle out rider attached to the convoy of a top government official was involved in a fatal accident. In an earlier editorial, we had pointed out the recklessness of convoy drivers who carry on as if life is of no value. We recall that editorial to warn convoy drivers again on the dangers of the abuse of traffic laws.

Recently, Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, almost got himself killed in a road mishap when the flag car he was riding in rammed into an on-coming Peugeot J5 passenger vehicle somewhere near Ewu in the outskirts of the State capital. Before that accident, the Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada sustained serious injuries when his convoy was involved in a near fatal accident on the Ajaokuta highway. Even recently, a car in his convoy killed an Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) chieftain, Professor Festus Iyayi. In Imo State, Governor Rochas Okorocha got away with injuries when his convoy was also involved in an accident with a Mercedes Benz car. These are the more recent convoy accidents involving high level state functionaries and they also call attention to the recklessness of government drivers.

The explanation has always been that such driving habit are for security reasons because the drivers have to protect their principals who are considered high security net worth personalities. The argument further goes that their bosses are better secured under such high speed because they can easily escape any security threat. But these accidents are beginning to prove the lie in those excuses. In actual fact, it has been proven that such reckless driving expose those personalities to greater danger of death. The worry, indeed, is that the personalities deliberately close their eyes to those threats to their lives as if to say that because it is a convoy, the cars are immune to accidents.

Even more worrisome, in our opinion, is the fact that some of these drivers are not properly licenced and the vehicles, more often than not, have no reliable insurance cover. Worse is the state of the highways. We consider it cogent to point out to the personalities concerned that they owe themselves a duty to stay alive and get to their destinations in one piece. To ensure this, they must be interested in the mental state, professional competence and efficiency of whoever is driving them. It is in the best interest of their lives that they insist that the drivers keep within speed limits. They must also note that if a road is bad, it cannot suddenly become good just because some high profile personality is driving on it.

Ordinarily, we would not have been concerned about these ‘big men and women’ in tinted vehicles if not for the dangers they expose other road users to. Iyayi is a good example. Sadly enough, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), the police and other road safety agencies are so handicapped that they cannot do anything about it. Who is that police officer, for example, that will dare to stop the convoy of a governor for necessary checks and over speeding? Actually, they aid and abet this reckless use of the highways by chasing the rest of us off the road when these convoys appear. But this, in our view, should not be the case. The convoys should always think of the safety of other road users who are, indeed, the tax payers.


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