Unconscionable NDDC Looting!

Unconscionable NDDC Looting!

Have you noticed that since the forensic audit report, of the NDDC was released, there has not been an outrage either from the Niger Delta youth, the opinion leaders in the South-South, the mainstream media, or the usual Monday morning jockeys on social media? what we’ve heard is the spectacular silence and their hush-hush tones on social media!

Reason why you’ve not heard any outrage concerning this kind of looting and mismanagement of humongous amount of money is because the finger is not pointing towards the Buhari led FG.

This one is a looting ‘of the Niger Delta people’, ‘for the Niger Delta people’ and ‘by the Niger Delta people’. Equation balance. No one is carrying placard or occupying any state house in the Niger Delta or even occupying the NDDC headquarters. All the “hactivist” who are quick to shout, and curse, and occupy kitchen or bedroom or wherever they want to occupy, are now sleeping in deep slumber.

Also, the so called Ijaw Youth Council that would always make noise about “our oyel” and be organizing different media conferences anytime there is a power tussle over the election of their President are now very silent. You can now hear a pin-drop in the Niger Delta. Yet, they lost 6 Trillion Naira!

The Super Chief (Now Super Thief) Baba Edwin Clark cannot talk. Of course, it would be bad table manners to talk when you are eating. Baba is eating and observing good table manners; you don’t talk when you are eating.  And Senior Uncle Atedo Peterside is from Niger Delta too, Silence – abi no be so?
When news came out last week that after 44 years, NNPC posted profit for the first time, he challenged it and ask for a town hall meeting where NNPC will explain how they made that profit because he believed it was a lie.

So far, has Uncle Atedo Peterside demanded for a town hall meeting to find out how all these monies were wasted, or who and who amongst the ND people looted all these funds, through phantom contracts?
No way, they have sworn for him, to become deaf and dumb over issues like this.

Where are the ND militants? Asari Dokubo don talk ni? He never talk? Ohhh sorry, he’s far away in Cotonou…

And where is that ‘Rivoluusion’ boy from the US. Isn’t 6 Trillion Naira enough to buy his revolution? He should ask for his share, or print some new placards and begin a new protest on their ‘Oyel moni’ !!

Finally, the FG should not use the release of this forensic audit report of NDDC as a mere press release. Each person that has a hand in the looting and mismanagement of these funds should by now be getting either invitation or arrests from EFCC. In fact, I expect EFCC to be so busy right now, so that they won’t have time for any other issue than arrest, detention and prosecution of everybody that has a hand in every phantom contract scam at the NDDC.

A nation must set deterrent example on this kind of unconscionable looting. We must never hear any noise form the Niger Deltans about ‘Our Oyel’ again!!


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