The NORTH is powerful, not ‘born to rule’!

The NORTH is powerful, not ‘born to rule’!
“Northerners took due notice. Many saw this lazy sketch as further evidence of the low quality of people who aspire to speak for a South desperate for a shortcut, and they have lined up to take it up. They are accustomed to trashing from people like Lasisi who make the case that people they insult are unfit to claim rights or demand dignity. As they agonise under crushing poverty and run from marauding bandits and kidnappers and ethnic and religious militias, northerners watch a South pretend to a higher pedestal, laboured by liabilities such as Igboho, IPOB, vicious and deeply rooted intra and inter-ethnic rivalry, a bleeding exodus and alienation of young people who are literally pushed by bitter elders to become criminals, or leave and develop other lands as their own decays, and a shocking poverty of political leadership. Northerners keep a level head and refuse to behave like cows they are familiar with.”
“It annoys people like Lasisi when they hear words that suggest that the North will not be pushed around, certainly not further than organised violence and poor governance have pushed all Nigerians to the margins of existence. They are offended by talk that inspires young northerners with history of their leaders and the sacrifices they made for the country, and encourages them to resist being bullied. They resent any references to the strengths of the North, some of which it shares with Nigeria, some unique to it. They cannot understand why the North does not shiver when they threaten to leave Nigeria to northerners unless the country is redesigned exactly the way they want it. They are puzzled by the fact that the combination of crippling insecurity and a crumbling economy have not provided them a submissive North on a platter. They resent the profound commitment of northerners to the survival of a country which has them near the bottom of most of the important national socioeconomic indices. The vandalised speech I delivered to young northerners and the fictional report released by Channels TV after an hour of interview that looked more like an attempted lynching were designed to play into the hands of people like Lasisi who will lose much sleep if they did not have a North to demonise.”
Quoted – Hakeem Baba- Ahmed


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